About Us

At Kellogg Plastics, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ and suppliers’ needs. Our team believes in honesty and integrity, making excellent customer service our top priority.


In the Silver Valley since 1986

Kellogg Plastics has operated in the Silver Valley since 1986, helping to bring our customers’ visions to reality through our custom modeling and plastic creation. Our founder, Don Rumpel, has always had one rule for employees: Be honest. For decades, that same principal has driven the team at Kellogg Plastics as we help businesses and individuals manufacture prototypes, design custom moldings and create new products through made-to-order plastic designs.


As a licensed wholesale distributor, we create certified durable products for businesses, distributors and individuals, with no minimum order requirement. No matter how large or small, our team can help create your product at a low price — guaranteed!

At Kellogg Plastics, we know the value of working with a real person. Contact us today to set up an account and discover the difference personal service can make.